Hi, Steven here.

  I'm not much for words, never was.  I almost considered getting someone else to write this.  I mean, this isn't really a dating profile, but if you want to know I'm 6'0, have blues eyes and naturally brown hair.  I enjoy long walks but not necessarily on the beach.  My favourite pastime?  Well if you guessed photography that's a good start.

  I've been shooting since I was young, learning constantly and always trying to challenge myself.  Photography first caught me as a way of expression.  I used it like a journal to express how I felt.  Now, with years behind me I've begun translating how others feel.  I want to do my best to help you record what you're feeling.

  You shouldn't have to fake a moment. It should be as tangible as the photograph in your hand.  You shouldn't be remembering the photo, you should be remembering what was happening while the photo was being taken.  That's what I try to do.  That's what I'm about.